flower alternatives.

I admit it. I wasn’t particularly diligent when setting or sticking to a budget. I didn’t really think about how all the little things add up.

Flowers were one area I didn’t want to spend much on. An area I definitely wanted to save money on.

I’m not a massive fan of flowers personally, and wasn’t happy with the thought of spending hundreds on bouquets – I have 5 (fantastic) bridesmaids so we need 6 bouquets and 6 buttonholes!

I was looking for an alternative. Here is some non-floral inspiration, which I love:







Feather Bouquets




Unfortunately, I felt parasols were too daytime for our 5pm ceremony. Handfans didn’t really suit our theming. Feathers went out the window with the original peacock theme. Balloons won’t work if it’s a windy day since it’s an outdoor ceremony on a grassy lawn – I think they’re gorgeous though.

After thinking about so many other options, I have eventually decided on real flowers for the bouquets (I will have glass vases on our reception table for us to put them in). Done!



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2 responses to “flower alternatives.

  1. Save even more money by not having vases and laying them on the table. 😉

    And balloons… uh… yeah not a fan (no pun intended). It’s not a clown wedding. :-p

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