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the beauty countdown.

When I was young I thought of brides looking perfect, princess-like, and that it included a plethora of treatments and months of getting picture-perfect. This might include things like months of regular facials for perfect skin, acrylic nails with French tips, long hair in a styled up-do, and more recently in my mind, fake tan, whiter teeth, and weight loss. Now that I’ve reached this point though, I’ve realised they’re not essentials, they’re just what I thought was ‘the done thing’ since I was a kid!

Some countdown checklists advise we start the bridal beauty regime 5-6 months prior to the wedding! I’ve had maybe or 1 or 2 facials in my life so I won’t be doing those. And I won’t be having artificial nails, mine are just fine. I won’t be having a fake tan either, but a couple of my bridesmaids might want to.

What I am doing is: I am growing my hair, because I want to wear it up. I do want my teeth whitened, because they’re not as bright as bright can be. I am losing weight, or should I say centimetres, because I am not yet at my physical best.

That’s about it I think.

Did you, or will you, go into a full beauty countdown?



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the ring.

I love my ring. It’s yellow gold with a blue sapphire and halo of diamonds. It’s also a (smaller) copy of Princess Diana’s ring. I was on holiday with a  friend in Jaipur, India in November 2008 when I saw this ring in a shop – I emailed a picture of it to The Groom and he said ‘get it!’. I, of course, obliged, and spent the next couple of weeks guarding it while travelling around India.

But I’m having issues trying to find a wedding band that fits it.

The problem is there is no space underneath the crown-thing (sorry, I don’t know any technical terms when it comes to rings!) for a wedding ring to sit flush against the e-ring.

I’ve been to several jewellers, chain stores and boutique. One has suggested a plain gold band made very thinly on the top so it can sit under, but that might wear it away over time. Another has suggested a curved band to sit around it, but I feel that looks bulky.


With 3 months to go I need to decide ASAP! Any suggestions? I was originally thinking, ‘maybe I don’t need a wedding band!‘, but my MOH pointed out ‘the wedding band shows you’re married, you’ll look forever engaged otherwise’. The Groom said ‘but you’ve already got a ring! Why do you need another?’. Unbelievable 😉

The wedding ring is a tradition I want to keep, I just need to find one!


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adriano zumbo.

How awesome would a cake table full of Adriano Zumbo’s creations be?

Thank you to Not Quite Nigella and Masterchef for introducing me to his edible art…

The mighty croquembouche…

*All images from Masterchef


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freak out.

Aaahh Freak Out! Le Freak, C’est Chic!

I’ve had this song in my head for 2 days now, since I’ve realised there’s just over 3 months until the wedding, and the to-do list is looking a little long.

I felt so on track since all the big things were taken care of. But now it’s time to sort out the finer details, things that can only be done closer to the date. I’m sure it’ll be fine. Time is just flying by.

Things to do in the next several weeks:

  • Start choosing ceremony components
  • Find bridesmaid shoes and accessories
  • Organise my veil
  • Organise wedding rings
  • Choose a first dance song and book into dance lessons (ohhh yes, this is happening!)
  • Make thank you notes to attach to favours
  • Make or purchase place cards
  • Make a guest thumbprint tree
  • Groomsmen’s measurements need taking at suit store
  • Buy centrepiece vases


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I can’t WAIT to go on our honeymoon. 

Relaxing for 9 days in Bali, cocktails by the beach, beautiful food, massages, the scenery…

I needed a quick pick me up on this winter afternoon.

And this is it.




I feel better already.


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Invitations – done!

Along with flowers, stationary wasn’t something high on our budget priority list. We just wanted simple invitations, A5 flat white paper stock, no embellishments, bells or whistles. The Groom designed them (and a friend printed them) – too easy! We went with a simple vine design, and decided not to have the extra bits like RSVP cards (guests will RSVP via our website, I hope). I bought a simple return address ink stamp from Vistaprint (free, postage was around $10).

I dithered over the envelope choice for a while, ‘should I spend $80+ on fancy, shimmery envelopes, or $8 on plain white envelopes that might look cheap but are just going to be thrown in the bin after they’re opened??’. We went with the plain envelopes.

My MOH and I addressed the envelopes yesterday, over bubbly & cheese – it only took an hour for us to hand-write the 60 addresses (110 guests in total). So much quicker and easier than spending hours putting together layered DIY invitations (not that these don’t look beautiful, they’re just not our style).

I’ll be sending the invitations this week. I wonder if our friends will officially RSVP, or if they’ll assume we know they’re coming. I wonder if we’ll have to field awkward questions like “Can I please bring my new girlfriend?”. And I wonder if our ‘no kids under 12’ rule is going to cause issues.


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injecting personality.

I love Etsy. Who doesn’t?*

We were thinking of how to inject some personality and fun into the men’s outfits; to tone down the formal. The suits, vests & shirts are standard, so we can do this with their accessories – ties & cufflinks.

I found these cute cufflinks on Etsy – they might be winners! The guitars are for the Groom, and the others are reflective of what the groomsman is into. They’re a little quirky, a little daggy, but fun. We like them.

etsy seller: southernliving26

etsy seller: dabbledesigns

etsy seller: blinkphoto

etsy seller: TheCufflinkMaker

etsy seller: TheCufflinkMaker

etsy seller: WoodenTreasures

*Regretsy is good for giggles!

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