the beauty countdown.

When I was young I thought of brides looking perfect, princess-like, and that it included a plethora of treatments and months of getting picture-perfect. This might include things like months of regular facials for perfect skin, acrylic nails with French tips, long hair in a styled up-do, and more recently in my mind, fake tan, whiter teeth, and weight loss. Now that I’ve reached this point though, I’ve realised they’re not essentials, they’re just what I thought was ‘the done thing’ since I was a kid!

Some countdown checklists advise we start the bridal beauty regime 5-6 months prior to the wedding! I’ve had maybe or 1 or 2 facials in my life so I won’t be doing those. And I won’t be having artificial nails, mine are just fine. I won’t be having a fake tan either, but a couple of my bridesmaids might want to.

What I am doing is: I am growing my hair, because I want to wear it up. I do want my teeth whitened, because they’re not as bright as bright can be. I am losing weight, or should I say centimetres, because I am not yet at my physical best.

That’s about it I think.

Did you, or will you, go into a full beauty countdown?



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2 responses to “the beauty countdown.

  1. I don’t recall doing much except for exercise and diet! I did take care of my skin but I always take care of my skin by performing regular facials on myself. But you know me, I had a fairly relaxed attitude to the whole thing! 😉

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