from partner to husband.

It’s my job to be organised. However, when it comes to my home life (i.e. filing important documents) I’m terrible!

We had a meeting with our celebrant in the Hunter Valley in June to fill in our notice of intended marriage, and the day before I was scrambling around trying to find my birth certificate (not the original, which was previously lost, but a replacement). I couldn’t find it.

I’ve just received my 3rd certificate in the post and we’ve arranged to finish the marriage forms when we go to the Hunter for our tasting! Hooray!

ANYWAY. This is what it’s all about. Finally being married to The Groom. The rest of the day is the icing on the cake (oh how I loathe clichés). Cheesy and soppy but it’s so true. I’m really feeling it this week 😀

The whole time we’ve been engaged I’ve rarely called him “my fiance“. I’m not sure why I feel funny saying it. It feels like such a statement word. So I call him “my partner“, which probably sounds weirder.

In 87 days I get to call him “my husband” and I’ll be “his wife“. I can’t wait.

The day after the proposal - June 2009



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2 responses to “from partner to husband.

  1. Amy

    Hehe – I used to say ‘my partner’ too until one of the American guys at work got shat off and told me that in America if you sat ‘partner’ it generally implies a same sex couple. Whoops. How cool will it be to say ‘my husband’!?! I’m so used to the idea myself I’ve accidentally referred to my ‘partner’ as my husband before. Whoops again!

    • I’ve also been told it implies same-sex!
      Whoops! But nothing wrong with being eager 😀 It will be so good, I can’t wait to say ‘my husband’. I’m smiling just thinking about it; and I don’t even mind the mild lameness I feel admitting that! 😉

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