the dining table.

I dislike it when reception tables are full of stuff. So much stuff all over the tables that I feel so cramped, shuffling around the many different glasses, plates, cutlery, napkins, butter, wine bottles, favours, place cards, menus, candles, table scatters, tall vases… aargh.

so much stuff.

What I love about our reception venue is how spacious and minimalist their dining room is. We don’t feel the need to add much to it. We’ll be having long tables, probably 5 or 6 tables of 20 (with the bridal party & partners table in the centre of everyone). Table centrepieces / decorations will simply be small glass votive candles, and 2 pots of herbs per table. I love living centrepieces – no, not like living fish (ick), but plants.

so much space.

We’re going to DIY these – and give them to family members after the wedding. Good ol’ Ikea has a wide range of pots, and The Groom loves gardening so he’ll pot the herbs – we’ve left it a bit late though so we’ll have to buy pre-grown herbs! I’m thinking rosemary – it’ll smell so good, it will tie in with the bouquets & buttonholes, and it works with our foodie/ rustic/ garden/ etc ‘theme’!

luscious herbs - by



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6 responses to “the dining table.

  1. Great idea DIYing it and giving them away to family members. A friend did that and it looked great! 😀

  2. I know what you mean about overly cluttered function tables where they insist on putting everything on the table…. it just looks way too busy. Love your DIY idea and the table looks stunning. Well done.

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