that little blue box.

I knew I shouldn’t have touched it. I’m not the kind of girl who normally has any interest in Tiffany’s. Anything in that store is definitely not in my sensible price range. 

I just went to Tiffany & Co to buy a farewell present for a colleague, and I thought I’d see if any of their wedding bands sat nicely against my engagement ring. For fun, right? 

As luck would have it, there was one that was pretty much perfect. It is the best fit of all the many, many rings I’ve tried at other stores. It’s not overly expensive, but it’s just a plain gold band. I don’t know if it’s worth it. I could get one similar for less. It felt so dainty though. I felt sucked in to the blue. 


I need some frivolity now… 

I want loads of bubbles after the ceremony – I want to walk through a wall of bubbles! 😉 

 And after the reception, I want loads of sparklers (even though I’m a little scared to hold them myself)! 


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6 responses to “that little blue box.

  1. Bubbles! I’ve seen bubbles done, they looked amazing – haven’t seen fireworks though.

  2. I’m kind of kicking myself for choosing a Tiffany engagement ring now because now I have to get a wedding band from there too, and I don’t love the one that matches my ring 😦 AND they are so expensive.

    • Oh no, don’t kick yourself, it must be gorgeous though! 😦
      Why do you have to get the wedding band from Tiffany’s as well? I’m curious! Which is the matching band?

      • I don’t know… I just feel like if I’m going to have a Tiffany engagement ring, I’d like to have a matching band. So they are a set, I guess.

        My engagement ring is the Tiffany Setting.

        And I have figured out how I managed to lose track of your blog! When I put in the url (twice) it didn’t recognise it, but I fixed it! Yay!

      • That is a gorgeous ring! I loved how *sparkling* everything was in their store haha 🙂

        That makes sense about wanting them matching. The matching diamond bands are quite expensive… unless you went for the platinum band!

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