the d word.


My dress (if you’re reading this Dear Groom, don’t click the link!) arrived in store a couple of weeks ago, so I went to try it on today. It wasn’t the most positive experience. And that is a sad thing. It didn’t help that I was tired and a bit moody, which meant I was probably oversensitive about the ‘bridal consultant’ who seemed nowhere near as nice as they were before I’d paid 50% when I ordered it a few months ago. The shoulder strap kept popping off the button whenever I moved my arms, and the lining was tight. Damn! I couldn’t just stand there and smile comfortably, or proudly, at myself in the mirror.

Which brings me to the next D.


It’s such a common word linked with weddings. Look, I’m not overweight, I’m a tight 10 or comfy 12 (ha!). I’m simply not at my physical best. And yes, I want to be at my physical best on my wedding day, on the Bali beach honeymoon after, and all the years after that.

I’ve been struggling with motivation and commitment for the past few years. Laziness really. I was around 7kg heavier at our engagement party last July than I am now. I look at some of those photos and cringe a little. I don’t want to feel even a twinge of regret when looking at our wedding photos – at the nail polish choices maybe, but not at me. I’ve still got a little way to go.

Come onnn, surely I can get it together for The Big Day?!

So I’m just putting it out there. No more excuses. I’ve got to take it to the next level. With the nagging encouragement of my Super MOH and my Super Trainer, I’m taking a stand against the FOMO voice in the back of my head (‘but they’re having cake, why can’t I?’) saying NO to back cleavage*.

This isn’t involving radical diets, but all the good stuff – healthy eating, frequent, effective, and fun exercise, and cutting back on the alcohol (sad, but the beer belly pushing against the dress is sadder I guess).

*Disclaimer: I’m doing this for ME. Not because I feel pressured to be a skinny bride, and I don’t think brides should be skinny. I simply want to be fit, healthy and at my best – for me. I believe that can only be a good thing.



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10 responses to “the d word.

  1. Excellent post! I’ll give you nagging! Haha! And omg, if there was an FOMO Anon group then you would totally need to join. πŸ˜‰

    And remember – you can still go to any event you want! You can have the time of your life! But making sensible food choices and saying no to excessive boose will not only be friendly to your back cleavage (which you don’t have I might add) but to your wallet as well.

    Lastly, this should be the most motivating experience of your life! If this doesn’t motivate you to be at your best, then you have to think, what will?

    Love you and will be here for you no matter what!

    X Super MOH

  2. Go You! Nothing worse than a stunning dress that causes all sorts of issues like back cleavage …. ick! Good luck your fitness regime. Cheerin’ from the sidelines here πŸ™‚

  3. Good on you! I know what you mean, you want to look your best on the day and you want to do it for you which is the best reason! πŸ™‚

  4. You CAN do it! You HAVE to do it! You WILL do it!
    Good session this morning!

  5. Hahahahaha I love it!

    I am slightly past a tight ten at the moment, more of a filled to capacity eleven πŸ™‚

    I’ve just gotten my motivation to exercise back in the last couple of weeks, I was beginning to think it’d never come back…

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