fred + ginger.

The Groom and I had our first wedding dance lesson on Thursday night! I have grand visions of spins, lifts, dramatic footwork… I don’t think we’ll quite get there. But we’ll have fun trying.

It was so hard trying to choose a song. We don’t have “our song”. We wanted something not overly romantic or slow. I turned to Disney for some inspiration, and we liked A Whole New World from Aladdin, but luckily Wikipedia told me it had been done by Jordan & Peter Andre, AND Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey. Awful.

It became a decision between Feeling Good by Muse, and Edge of the World by Faith No More.

We chose Edge of the World, and decided to ignore part of the lyrics. The music itself is just too perfect. After all, the first dance song doesn’t need to be the ultimate expression of our relationship, right?? It’s just 4 minutes…

So over 4 or more lessons, we’re learning a choreographed, slow cha-cha-cha style dance to Faith No More. I love it.

Now to the hard part. When is the right time to dance the first dance? Do we wait until we’ve filled ourselves with food and wine? I’d rather dance it at the start of the reception, but the dance traditionally signals the start of the actual party, doesn’t it?



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  1. Traditionally the dance goes after main meal & before sweets. So, this seems to be the ‘usual’ order of things at my wedding venues.
    Cutting of the Cake
    Bridal Waltz
    Cheers Anna
    PS: A slow cha cha to Faith No More sounds really cool (& a bit different)…, you wouldn’t believe how many brides & grooms pick the old favourites 🙂

    • Thanks for the running order Anna! Do you find that all the guests are seated for the dessert or is it hard getting everyone back to their chairs? I see so much dessert wasted…
      I think we’ll space out the speeches between courses. Something like this:
      Cake cutting
      First dance

  2. That works really well too, roughly allocate 30 mins for each meal period.
    We don’t really find there is waste of sweets at all if there’s a reasonably young crowd; but when there’s a lot of seniors there seems to be more food waste 🙂

  3. Nic choice! I haven’t heard it before. It was so hard to choose a wedding waltz. We originally had The Luckiest by Ben Folds Five but we couldn’t dance to it (and clever for taking dance lessons, if we realised how uncoordinated we were, we would have!).

    • I don’t know that song – but I like Ben Folds in general so I’ll have to look it up 🙂

      The main goal of the lessons is to get us (especially the Groom!) looking comfortable dancing, at the least – so fingers crossed 😀

  4. Amy

    We’re going to do our first dance at post-dessert too. I think it just makes everything flow a bit better.

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  6. Natalie

    Just saw this & I’ll chip in, even though it’s an old post.

    We’re not having dance lessons – he refused. I have suggested we should at least practice at home & he agreed with that but it hasn’t happened yet!

    As for the order, our dessert is the cake so I prefer to have it served once people have already started dancing. I love going off for a boogie at a wedding & coming back to find cake!

    We’re spacing speeches too. We’re kicking off with the 2 dad speeches straight away, then entree, then best man & MOH speeches, then mains … then we cut cake. Then speeches from himself and myself (eeeek!). Then bridal waltz & that will lead directly into general dancing. Cake will come out shortly afterwards.

    • Aargh we haven’t been practicing our routine – terrible…
      Hopefully you can convince him to practice at home soon, but I’m sure you’ll be fine anyway! I think the hard part is going to be dancing in the dress!
      We’ve decided to change our speeches order now, from the advice of our photographer, and to allow us to get to the dancing time quicker. We’re going to do the speeches at the start, when everyone is seated, just before entrees. There will only be 3 or 4 short speeches though, so I think it will be ok.

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