The bonbonerie / favours come under the budget area for us. We don’t want to spend a lot on potentially useless gifts that tend to get left behind!

I do love bonfavs. From stubby coolers, coasters, cocktail glasses, to photo frames and candles. I just love trinkets. I’m very easily pleased.

I especially love edible bonfavs. Almonds, chocolates, mints, mini bottles of alcohol, cookies, cupcakes, macarons, chocolate coated strawberries… There are so many options! It’s also extremely likely that guests will enjoy them, and they’ll be used (i.e. consumed).

How cute are these cookies that double as place cards?

At around $5 each, cookies were out of our budget. Making them yourself could be a fun project. I briefly considered it, but cookies are my kitchen nemesis so I didn’t want to DIY them.

I was newly inspired by gorgeous little jars of jams…

One of our favourite short-break spots is Berry on NSW’s South Coast. The Berry Treat Factory makes delicious jams, which are only topped by the best. mustard. ever.

As a ‘nod’ to our trips down there, we ordered 55 mini ‘three-berry’ jams and 60 mini honey mustards. They are VERY budget-friendly – their mini jams are $1.00 each, and the mini mustards are $1.20 each. Including the $10 courier, the total for 115 bonfavs was $137. Plus we get to enjoy the leftover jars (which is why I ordered extra mustard – I am ridiculously excited by how good it is) 😉

It’s such a relief how everything is coming together. I just need to add the fabric over the lids, tied with twine. I was going to tie a little ‘thank you’ note to each jar, but is it necessary?


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14 responses to “bonfavs.

  1. Sounds wonderful. You could double up here, tie little thankyou & name cards on the mini bottles. I’ve seen that done & it looks pretty good too. Well done on the thrifty shopping though, isn’t it great when it all comes together like that.

    • Good idea! I do have an idea for the name cards, but it’s not very thrifty – I’m still thinking about it – otherwise, combining will have to do! 😉

  2. Ooh I love edible bombonierre! It’s so practical and who doesn’t love jam? Well done to get it under budget too Chanel! 😀

  3. I think a thank you note is a nice touch. You should definitely thank your guests for coming to share your day with you.

  4. Amy

    Sounds like a great idea. With the thank you notes, they would just be a little one liner thank you wouldn’t they? Then you’d still be sending out proper personalised thank you cards after the wedding?

    • Yes, it will just say “thank you” – it’s a small jar so the note has to be small. We’ll be sending out the actual thank you cards after the wedding 🙂

  5. Such a great idea. I’m not sure what we’re going to do yet, but bonfavs are in our “budget” area too. You’ve inspired to look at what we can get locally in the area we’re getting married in!

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