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the world of paper.


I fear I have been missing out! 

I took a trip to Eckersley’s Art & Craft today to buy paper for the guest name / thank you tags for our bonfavs. Wow! I was completely unaware of how much awesome paper is available, and how beautiful it is – so many designs, textures, thicknesses… I now see the appeal of DIY-ing gorgeous wedding invitations; and not just the invitations, but a complete stationary set. Since we were going for simple, plain invitations, it didn’t even occur to me to enter the world of beautiful papers or the endless options available! This stuff got me super excited! 😀 

Ah well. It’s too late for any wistful thinking! 

I got some nice, but plain, ‘bier paper” (love the name) for the bonfav notes (Eckersley’s has 20% off loose paper sheets at the moment – get in there!)… 



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leaf your thumbprint.

I love these thumbprint trees as an alternative to the standard guestbook. I think it will look lovely in its frame, hung on the wall.

image from style me pretty

You can find these on Etsy, but they can be expensive and also we’re running out of time. The Groom is going to design and print the tree – I just need to get a frame, ink and something for guests to clean their fingers with! A container of Wet Ones isn’t pretty… Hmm. Any suggestions?

kikki-K has a great option for standard guestbooks – the ‘Klassisk’ Guest Book Questions. I love questions; I think it would be fun, and easy, to fill in!

kikki-K 'Klassisk' Guest Book

Would it be overkill to have both guestbooks?? Maybe the tree can be set up on a table with the birdcage, and the kikki-K book could float around the reception…


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all you need is love.

And an iPhone 4.

After many, many months of waiting for my phone contract to finish, and weeks of nagging asking the Groom to contact our phone provider (the account is under his name, so they won’t talk to me), I came home last night to find a brand new iPhone sitting on my bedside table! I screamed, and couldn’t stop grinning the biggest grin I’ve ever grinned.

I love him.

In other news, things are getting done.

  • I picked up my wedding ring today – it’s perfect
  • The Groom’s ring has been shipped by the Etsy seller and should arrive in a week or 2
  • We’ve paid off a few invoices – it’s so good seeing the “remaining” column in the budget spreadsheet decreasing!
  • We had our 4th dance lesson last night – we really need to practice
  • My bridesmaids and I are having hair trials tonight – a friend is doing our hair
  • We’re going to Ikea this Sunday to buy our centrepiece pots
  • Our reception schedule and seating plans are almost finalised
  • The first draft of our ceremony is done

Happy Friday everyone! 😀


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pearly whites.

I had my teeth whitened on Monday. It is something I have wanted to do for years. It is also something I wanted to do before our wedding. Why? I always wish my teeth were whiter when I see photos of myself, and I didn’t want to feel that way with the wedding photos. I am comfortable admitting this level of vanity 😉

SO! I got Zoom3 whitening at The Smile Shop. I am SO happy I did it. It’s definitely not a budget item, but it was worth it for me.

The process itself was painless, just tedious. First they took a mould of my teeth to make the mouth trays (for the extra whitening gel), then I settled in for 4 x 12-minute sessions of the Zoom gel & light.

I looked like this - minus the red jumpsuit

The results? As I said I’m very happy I did it, and they look natural – not freakishly white. I’m going to use the trays and gel at home for the next week to whiten them a bit more. Here is my “before and after” (my before shot looks a lot yellower than I remember – yuck, must have been the lighting…).

before and after


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hide and sleek.

I wasn’t planning on needing to wear Spanx under my wedding dress. Especially now that I’m upping the exercise, and decreasing the wine, in the last few weeks before the wedding!

But I think I might get myself some of these sexy undergarments, just in case. It might just help hide my food bump on the night 😉


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my bridesmaids.

I just wanted to give a shout-out to my awesome bridesmaids. I love them. I have 5 of my best friends supporting me along the way. I feel so lucky to have friends like these! They have all been there for me when I’ve needed it, and I feel honoured to have them play such a big part in our wedding, standing by my side when I marry the Groom… Vanessa, Alexis, Pamela, Leah, and especially my Super MOH, Amanda. Naw. 

there is one missing!

On the other hand, dressing my dearest friends has been one of the most stressful parts of the planning process! The stress has been caused mostly by myself though (my BMs have been fantastic). 

I originally wanted cobalt blue dresses in different styles for each. Then I changed the ‘wedding theme’ from ‘peacock feathers’ to ‘garden, spring, neutrals’. So we chose pale champagne pink dresses (all in the same style). I thought light silver peep toe shoes would work best. They didn’t. So we chose cream slingbacks with a wooden platform and heel. 

Thank God for my bridesmaids, because I am so bad at visualising and accessorising! 

A lot of my stress could have been avoided if Forever New transferred between their stores. Instead we will have travelled to their stores across Sydney to buy the various sizes, both in dresses and shoes – Macarthur,  Pagewood, Ryde, Warringah… 

My stress is now over though. No more whingeing or panicking. It is all sorted, and I’m so happy with the dresses and shoes. Big tick! I have my bridesmaids to thank for that. 

ta-da! bridesmaids dressed by forever new.

Has anyone else caused themselves unnecessary stress during their planning, or been stressed from suppliers?


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the white picket fence.

I often hear people say things like “50% of marriages end in divorce!” or “don’t do it!”.

I’m not listening to those people.

I can be quite optimistic*, with fairytale visions of our house with a ‘white picket fence’, the scent of freshly baked cookies drifting from the oven, flowers from the garden in a vase on the table, and many, many years later,  a golden wedding anniversary.

I know the stats – the ABS says divorces are decreasing, but there were still 47,209 granted in 2008. I’m going to do all I can to have a long and successful marriage (i.e. this will be my only one)!

So what makes a lasting marriage?? Other than love, of course. I believe some of the key factors in any great relationship are: commitment, honesty, trust, communication, common interests, having fun together, having fun without each other, and regular ‘date nights’ (even once a month).

So if we keep making an effort (and by effort I don’t mean it’s difficult or unpleasant) in those areas, especially communication, then surely we will “cherish each other for as long as we both shall live”? That’s my hope anyway.

*Other words could be naive, old fashioned, living in a fantasy land, ridiculous


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