my preciousss.

I’ve found it! The one ring!

I have just ordered my wedding ring from a small jeweller near my office – 2mm 18 carat yellow gold, and for $500 less than the Tiffany band. Woohoo! Budget win. It will be mine in 2 weeks.

The Groom has also decided on his ring!

Etsy: MinterandRichterDes

It is a ‘black and white striated resin inlay and titanium’ band from Etsy seller MinterandRichterDes. It’s quite different, but he assures me he’ll be happy to wear it until he’s old 😉

Have you, or will you, engrave your wedding band?


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10 responses to “my preciousss.

  1. So happy you’ve found ‘the ring’ & I do like Grooms choice too, so congrats all round.
    Yes, I think so… it’d be nice to put some words inside the rings. Are you guys having your wedding rings engraved?

  2. Amy

    Oh, I really like your misters ring! And yay for not becoming another Tiffany’s blue box girl!

    Not sure if we are engraving ours yet. If we do it will probably just be with the date or something simple like that. I’m a bit worried about the engraving on mine because mine is quite thin (I think it might be 2mm also).

    • Thanks Amy 🙂 Actually good point, 2mm is so thin that it might not be possible (to be legible anyway).

      One of my friends had their wedding rings engraved with the wedding date, but she accidentally gave the jeweller her birthday instead LOL – they were able to redo it though 😉

  3. hehe that first pic is so funny! 🙂 I love the groom’s ring, it’s different but elegant too! 😀

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