nom nom nom.

Wow, what a beautiful weekend we had! I’m so in love with the Hunter Valley.

It was our last trip to Wine Country before the wedding – we finalised our Notice of Intended Marriage form (yay!), had an amazing, relaxing couple’s massage at The Golden Door Elysia (an early wedding gift!), sampled some excellent beers on the brewery tour at Potters Brewery, tasted a little bit of wine and cheese, and, of course, we had our much anticipated menu tasting!

The Groom and I were extremely impressed with the food and the matching wines, and with the service. We were in heaven. We’re so excited to share this dining experience with our family and friends – choosing this venue might have made our budget multiply (just a bit), but after this tasting I have no regrets.

Another thing we loved was how professional Megan (who owns Muse with her husband and Chef Troy) and her team were. I tend to be a control freak, and I had prepared myself to be asking a million questions about the details of the set up of the ceremony and reception, but once we spoke to Megan I didn’t even need to ask. I felt so at ease, and I really think I won’t need to worry about any of those details on the day! We just drop off the centrepieces, place cards, bonfavs etc on the Friday rehearsal and it will all be set up on the day. I didn’t know it would be this easy! I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders.

The only thing we spoke about changing was the lentil and speck component of the duck main, which seemed a little dry paired with the duck. We love lentils, but we’re not sure if everyone else will. Megan suggested adding Chinese cabbage… Thoughts? Do you love a lentil? 😀


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  1. I remember preparing for my wedding and thinking, “how am I going to have time to set up the room just as I would like it?” and having a mini panic but the lady at the reception venue took care of everything and she had set everything up exactly as I had asked. They obviously know how important the little details are!

    Lentils… look, I love a good legume but I know they are a bit touch and go with most people. Best play it safe IMO.

    • Hooray for excellent venue coordinators! What a relief that must have been for you (and will be for me!) 😀

      Haha I know you’ll appreciate the lentil! 😉 Playing it safe might be best though – the last thing we want is dozens of plates with leftover lentils! Perhaps they can just decrease the amount of lentils and add the cabbage.

  2. I personally love lentils but I’ve never thought about it. I know my parents ate lentils for the first time in their lives just recently but they loved them. So if it goes with the dish then perhaps leave them in? But then again I don’t want to steer you wrong! 🙂

  3. It sounds like its coming together. Mmm, lentils are not my fave, but sounds like you’ve got an awesome chef & function centre, big weight off shoulders right 🙂

  4. Thanks Lorraine & Anna! I think the consensus is that we do have an awesome chef so we should trust his judgement (and experience!) 😀

  5. yes, yes and yes! Puy are my favourite. So delicious and healthy. It’s your wedding so if you like and want lentils YOU have the lentils, don’t worry about everyone else.

    • Haha yeah! We want lentils dammit 😉
      They were awarded a Chef’s Hat in the Good Food Guide this week (I think that’s exciting), so I think we’ll stick with the original dish 🙂

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