the world of paper.


I fear I have been missing out! 

I took a trip to Eckersley’s Art & Craft today to buy paper for the guest name / thank you tags for our bonfavs. Wow! I was completely unaware of how much awesome paper is available, and how beautiful it is – so many designs, textures, thicknesses… I now see the appeal of DIY-ing gorgeous wedding invitations; and not just the invitations, but a complete stationary set. Since we were going for simple, plain invitations, it didn’t even occur to me to enter the world of beautiful papers or the endless options available! This stuff got me super excited! 😀 

Ah well. It’s too late for any wistful thinking! 

I got some nice, but plain, ‘bier paper” (love the name) for the bonfav notes (Eckersley’s has 20% off loose paper sheets at the moment – get in there!)… 



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  1. Aren’t the papers great? I really like some of Cristina Re’s designs! They’re so pretty!

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