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DIY satisfaction.

OMG we are getting married in 2 days...

Remember my moment of DIY-fail-fear last week? The only thing I should have been concerned about is how long DIY actually takes! I definitely underestimated how long it would take to cut out 101 squares of calico and then wrap 101 bonfavs!

This project was the biggest thing on the To Do List this week, one that I should have started earlier than this Monday. It stressed me out because the time was passing too quickly. We’re lucky we both took this whole week off work.

It took around 6 hours in total, not the 2 hours I thought it might. I had one of my bridesmaids helping me with the twine and squares, and then the Groom and I wrapped them all up together. It was a fun, budget-friendly project, with each bonfav being around $1.70 – they also double as place cards (alas, we didn’t go for the birds after all). I really enjoyed doing it, it was so worth it.

It feels nice to have made something, frayed edges and all.


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the transporter.

There is one wedding tradition I have no interest in (along with the garter and bouquet tosses that is). In fact I’ve always found it a little odd…

Wedding cars.

Maybe it’s because I don’t drive, I don’t have my licence at all, and I’ve driven a car twice, for about 5 minutes (when I had my learner licence). So since I have no interest in cars, or taking photos with a car (that’s the part I find a little odd… pimp my ride), ‘wedding cars’ were at the very bottom of the budget prioritising list. Our wedding as a whole is not budget; though we have definitely done certain aspects on the cheap to allow for the reception costs. There was no way I wanted to spent hundreds or more on a couple of cars, especially since our venue is a one minute drive from our accommodation (I timed it). But we still needed a way to travel to the venue…

Our wedding is on the same day as one of the Hunter Valley’s big music festivals – Jazz in the Vines. I was warned that taxis are rare up there, especially with such a big music event on. It would be a nightmare trying to get taxis for our 100 guests at midnight in the country. There is no public transport option. Most guests will be drinking so they wouldn’t be able to drive.

As a courtesy to our guests, and to ensure the beautiful wines are made the most of, we have arranged two 50-seat coaches to transport everyone to and from their various accommodations and our wedding. That’s when I had my brilliant, possibly obvious, idea of getting the coach to the wedding ourselves! We were already paying for them! Huge Budget Win!

So the Groom and his groomsmen are going to catch Coach 1 with our other guests, then after everyone has arrived at the venue it’s going to come back and pick up myself and my bridesmaids. I’ve only had one comment of “the six of you are going to arrive in a 50-seat coach!?” when I’ve been asked about our car arrangements. Damn straight we are! I’m extremely pleased with making double use of the coach! It’s not pretty, but it doesn’t have to be. I suppose my point is, if you’re not into vintage cars, pink stretch hummers, or a horse and carriage, there are other (cheaper) options – such as hiring a nice rental car and having a family member drive it there, which is budget friendly.

We’re not having a getaway car towards the end of the reception (the cans tied to the car, a just married sign… do people do that? Or is that a movie-land thing?). Instead, we’ll all hop back on the now-party bus together, and continue the festivities at the hotel bar (well, our guests probably will… we’ve got a spa suite to make use of!).


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nerves? what nerves.

So I’m generally not nervous about The Big Day (doesn’t that sound ominous?). I think I’ve been quite cool, calm… and collected, you might say.

I was in bed last night reading a wedding scene in Twilight a particular series, because it gets me excited and imagining the day myself (yep – I’m serious). As I was reading my heart started thumping and the enormity of everything really hit me. After years of looking forward to marrying the Groom, and 16 months of planning, the day is almost here.

It feels amazing, exciting, unbelievable, and just alittlebit scary.

I feel like the last couple of months, and weeks especially, have just flown by. For the next week I’m going to make a conscious effort to be present in the moment. I want to take everything in. I want to remember this time.

I had to stop reading the wedding scene last night, I needed to calm my heart! Snuggling with the asleep Groom, and thinking about how awesome this time in our lives is, relaxed me.

Listening to our processional song also calms me – yet it makes me incredibly emotional at the same time…

How did you calm your nerves?


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Sometimes too much Style Me Pretty (hereafter referred to as ‘SMP’) is a bad thing.

The weddings featured on SMP are so achingly gorgeous. Their styling is perfect. Not a detail bypassed. They are DIY (and non-DIY) wonders. Vintage suitcases, weathered couches, photobooths, bunting, delicious dessert buffets…

I have been inspired by several things I’ve seen on SMP (and other inspiration blogs like Polka Dot Bride and Green Wedding Shoes). We’re having a thumbprint tree, a birdcage for cards, a chalkboard on an easel as a ceremony program, a cake of cheese, herb centrepieces, mini jams & mustard bonfavs wrapped in calico & twine, and so on…

I consider myself detail-oriented, but I’m nowhere near the level of detail that is put into the SMP weddings (Angie at one cat per person has a very sensible post on this topic).

I had a moment over the last week (FYI: 11 days to go!) where I thought “OMG what if all this DIY stuff we’re doing looks awful and random aargh!”. I realised quickly though, that it doesn’t matter. All those things we’re copying, we’re doing because we love them, not because it’s cool. We saw these ideas and said “YES!”. It’s not going to be styled and coordinated to the max, and that’s ok. In fact, that’s a good thing. Because we’re not uber-cool or original, we just like simple stuff like food and plants, and our wedding is going to reflect us – as random as some things may be.

i love our herbs - before & after potting


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We decided many months ago that we would do a “first look” on our wedding day. A first look is when the bride and groom do the non-traditional thing of seeing each other before the ceremony – a private and intimate moment, captured by the photographer.

There are many benefits of having a first look: it can calm any nerves, you have more time between the ceremony and reception (less photos, more mingling), and most importantly, you have a beautifully intimate moment to get emotional and connect before the ceremony.

Some people really want that first moment of seeing each other when the bride walks down the aisle, so the first look wouldn’t work for them. But I don’t feel that need at all. We’ll probably be spending the night before together anyway, but that’s still under discussion (I’m all for it, the Groom is resisting)!


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my hen’s party.

Beautiful Sydney Harbour; Super MOH Amanda & I

It feels early posting this, since I’ve only just recovered from my hen’s party which was held on Saturday. You know that feeling where you’ve woken up really hungover and you cringe when you think of the photos taken? Luckily there were none too embarrassing, it was just a little out of control towards the end!

I had such a great day / night / morning! We spent the afternoon at Luna Park – hot dogs and rides did not turn messy thankfully! I love rides, especially ones that go upside down, sideways, super fast etc (but I’m scared of giant slides and dodgem cars!).

dressed in a tutu & peacock feather mini top hat (excuse the poor lighting, bathroom surfaces aren't the best for flash!)

After the rides we had canapés and many, many drinks at The Deck, their harbourside bar. It was exactly what I wanted: relaxed drinks with a close group of friends. The relaxed vibe soon turned raucous though, and we finished the night dancing in a questionable CBD pub 😀

I had an awesome day, with not a penis or condom in sight, full of my favourite things: the view of Sydney Harbour (‘look! it’s the bridge’ I exclaimed), silly fun on rides, a tutu and peacock feathers, yummy drinks, and, of course, my awesome friends.

Thanks Amanda! 😀

luna park - blurry towards the end!


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