nerves? what nerves.

So I’m generally not nervous about The Big Day (doesn’t that sound ominous?). I think I’ve been quite cool, calm… and collected, you might say.

I was in bed last night reading a wedding scene in Twilight a particular series, because it gets me excited and imagining the day myself (yep – I’m serious). As I was reading my heart started thumping and the enormity of everything really hit me. After years of looking forward to marrying the Groom, and 16 months of planning, the day is almost here.

It feels amazing, exciting, unbelievable, and just alittlebit scary.

I feel like the last couple of months, and weeks especially, have just flown by. For the next week I’m going to make a conscious effort to be present in the moment. I want to take everything in. I want to remember this time.

I had to stop reading the wedding scene last night, I needed to calm my heart! Snuggling with the asleep Groom, and thinking about how awesome this time in our lives is, relaxed me.

Listening to our processional song also calms me – yet it makes me incredibly emotional at the same time…

How did you calm your nerves?



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4 responses to “nerves? what nerves.

  1. What a lovely piece of music Chanel! I calm my nerves with massages and watching my favourite tv shows 🙂

  2. I love you to bits, I really do, but this post made me groan several times for obvious reasons but I will let that slide… for now… 😉

    Now. Nothing is going to stop the nerves I’m afraid so just ride with them. It’s a big ball of excitement that grows within you so like you said, just be present.

    I wasn’t able to calm my nerves at all, as you may remember!, but as soon as I was standing at the top of the aisle about to walk down the nerves subsided and nothing but happiness filled me.

    You’ll be right (is this my catch-phrase now?), I’ll be there to keep you calm. x

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