our first look.

Our first look was my favourite moment of our wedding day (well, after the actual ceremony that is!).

I wasn’t feeling too nervous on the day. This was due to the fact that I did all the makeup so I didn’t have a chance to stop and think about what was happening until it was time to get my hair done. Then the nerves kicked in. The day had begun with us having a leisurely breakfast (we did spend the Friday night together), I started my bridesmaids’ makeup around 9.30am, but then suddenly, or so it felt, it was 3pm and I was hurrying to finish my own makeup and get dressed! Once I was completely done, I felt so much nervous anticipation – it’s really an incredible feeling. There are photos of me looking stunned at those last moments.

Eventually I was kicked out of the room and I was on my way to the first look with our photographer, Andrew. Paul (the Groom) was waiting at the spot with the second photographer, Andrew’s wife Sarah. Andrew had to remind me to take deep breaths. I felt like I was freaking out inside (“OMGGGG”)! Once we arrived though, and when I saw Paul standing at the end of the vine row, my nerves melted away. I just wanted to run to the end!

So here are our photos. I cried a lot.



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17 responses to “our first look.

  1. Haha kicked out of the room… yes you were! Really great photos… I don’t know if I told you but I sent them around to my team at work and everybody thought they were lovely! That was AFTER I had to explain the ‘first look’ concept to everyone… geesh! How could they not know?! 😉

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos Chanel! I can imagine it would have been hard to choose a favourite as they’re all stunning and deserve a place in the wedding album. Your dress is divine!

  3. Rachel

    I hadn’t heard about the ‘first look’ before, what a gorgeous idea. Beautifully captured! Love love love the pictures…
    The setting looks perfect.

  4. Mardi

    chanel the photos are AMAZING!!!!
    i got the whole omg : O response when i looked at them!

    im so happy for you both and i hope you had an amazing day and enjoyed your honey moon!!

  5. Reezy

    WOW! You looked so beautiful and the first look.. the photo’s capture your moment together so well. EXCLAMATION POINT

    • Thanks Reezy! We had great photographers 😀
      I’m not sure which vineyard we were in – it was a couple of minutes around the corner from the Crowne Plaza, on Lovedale Road.

  6. Reezy

    PS which vineyard are these photo’s taken at?

  7. The pictures are just beautiful! Definitely photos to cherish for the rest of your life. CONGRATULATIONS!

  8. Gorgeous photos and such a beautiful dress.

  9. Incredible photos! I love the story they tell, very moving 🙂 Congratulations on your wedding!

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