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back to reality.

The more I think about it, the more I dislike the phrase, ‘back to reality’. I’m hearing it a fair bit recently though, from myself and others.

I went back to work today, after 3.7 weeks off. Reality is not so bad. I was actually kind of looking forward to it this morning, and I’m especially looking forward to getting back into my normal routine. Still, it’s a bit sad now that all the festivities are over. I’ve wondered if I’ll feel that post-wedding ‘what do I do with all my time now?’ sadness. I’ve got a lot to look forward to though, the coming weekends are almost always busy, so I don’t think I will!

Things I’m looking forward to in the near future…

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows tonight
  • One of my bridesmaid’s engagement party this weekend
  • A friend’s wedding in December
  • Muse concert in December
  • Christmas! I’m going to put up our tree next weekend
  • Receiving our wedding photos and choosing an album!

I also have to sort out my dress. When I bought it I thought I’d probably sell it after. I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to keep it. It’s dirty though, from walking through the vineyards and dirt, so I need to get it cleaned. I’ve received a couple of quotes from bridal gown cleaners, and it’s expensive. I thought all my payments were over! Quotes have ranged from $295 to $450. Isn’t that excessive? It’s not beaded, there is no lace, it has minimal structure… I’ll see what a regular dry cleaner quotes. I don’t want to risk it getting ruined by a cheaper place, but I don’t want to leave it dirty.

What did you do with your gown? Did you have it professionally cleaned? And did you experience a post-wedding low?

(And in other news, Prince William & Kate Middleton’s engagement! Aw. I think it’s lovely he gave her Diana’s ring. Already I’ve gone from getting comments of ‘your ring is similar to Princess Diana’s!’ to ‘your ring is similar to Kate’s!’ 😉 )


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hide and sleek.

I wasn’t planning on needing to wear Spanx under my wedding dress. Especially now that I’m upping the exercise, and decreasing the wine, in the last few weeks before the wedding!

But I think I might get myself some of these sexy undergarments, just in case. It might just help hide my food bump on the night 😉


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my bridesmaids.

I just wanted to give a shout-out to my awesome bridesmaids. I love them. I have 5 of my best friends supporting me along the way. I feel so lucky to have friends like these! They have all been there for me when I’ve needed it, and I feel honoured to have them play such a big part in our wedding, standing by my side when I marry the Groom… Vanessa, Alexis, Pamela, Leah, and especially my Super MOH, Amanda. Naw. 

there is one missing!

On the other hand, dressing my dearest friends has been one of the most stressful parts of the planning process! The stress has been caused mostly by myself though (my BMs have been fantastic). 

I originally wanted cobalt blue dresses in different styles for each. Then I changed the ‘wedding theme’ from ‘peacock feathers’ to ‘garden, spring, neutrals’. So we chose pale champagne pink dresses (all in the same style). I thought light silver peep toe shoes would work best. They didn’t. So we chose cream slingbacks with a wooden platform and heel. 

Thank God for my bridesmaids, because I am so bad at visualising and accessorising! 

A lot of my stress could have been avoided if Forever New transferred between their stores. Instead we will have travelled to their stores across Sydney to buy the various sizes, both in dresses and shoes – Macarthur,  Pagewood, Ryde, Warringah… 

My stress is now over though. No more whingeing or panicking. It is all sorted, and I’m so happy with the dresses and shoes. Big tick! I have my bridesmaids to thank for that. 

ta-da! bridesmaids dressed by forever new.

Has anyone else caused themselves unnecessary stress during their planning, or been stressed from suppliers?


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tell ‘im he’s dreaming.

I’ve been having wedding dreams for a little while now. Dreams where things go wrong. They might even be classed as mild nightmares. They have all been ridiculous things, like guests not showing up, or leaving before the reception. Maybe my brain is simply overloaded with the constant thinking of wedding-related things (I am enjoying it though!).

My latest dream last night was that it was 30 minutes before the wedding and we realised none of us had our hair done, my veil and hair flowers hadn’t been made, and all I had was a piece of brown veil fabric which we had to try and work with! Ridiculous, I know.

To prevent the future my dream showed me, I just went and bought my ivory veil fabric ($5.99 per metre from Lincraft – another budget win!). My alterations lady is making me a birdcage veil, and some organza flowers for my hair to match my dress shoulder strap.

These are some of my favourite birdcage-veil inspirations…

We’ve got our menu tasting tomorrow – it’s going to be a fantastic weekend in the Hunter Valley, I can’t wait!


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the d word.


My dress (if you’re reading this Dear Groom, don’t click the link!) arrived in store a couple of weeks ago, so I went to try it on today. It wasn’t the most positive experience. And that is a sad thing. It didn’t help that I was tired and a bit moody, which meant I was probably oversensitive about the ‘bridal consultant’ who seemed nowhere near as nice as they were before I’d paid 50% when I ordered it a few months ago. The shoulder strap kept popping off the button whenever I moved my arms, and the lining was tight. Damn! I couldn’t just stand there and smile comfortably, or proudly, at myself in the mirror.

Which brings me to the next D.


It’s such a common word linked with weddings. Look, I’m not overweight, I’m a tight 10 or comfy 12 (ha!). I’m simply not at my physical best. And yes, I want to be at my physical best on my wedding day, on the Bali beach honeymoon after, and all the years after that.

I’ve been struggling with motivation and commitment for the past few years. Laziness really. I was around 7kg heavier at our engagement party last July than I am now. I look at some of those photos and cringe a little. I don’t want to feel even a twinge of regret when looking at our wedding photos – at the nail polish choices maybe, but not at me. I’ve still got a little way to go.

Come onnn, surely I can get it together for The Big Day?!

So I’m just putting it out there. No more excuses. I’ve got to take it to the next level. With the nagging encouragement of my Super MOH and my Super Trainer, I’m taking a stand against the FOMO voice in the back of my head (‘but they’re having cake, why can’t I?’) saying NO to back cleavage*.

This isn’t involving radical diets, but all the good stuff – healthy eating, frequent, effective, and fun exercise, and cutting back on the alcohol (sad, but the beer belly pushing against the dress is sadder I guess).

*Disclaimer: I’m doing this for ME. Not because I feel pressured to be a skinny bride, and I don’t think brides should be skinny. I simply want to be fit, healthy and at my best – for me. I believe that can only be a good thing.


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injecting personality.

I love Etsy. Who doesn’t?*

We were thinking of how to inject some personality and fun into the men’s outfits; to tone down the formal. The suits, vests & shirts are standard, so we can do this with their accessories – ties & cufflinks.

I found these cute cufflinks on Etsy – they might be winners! The guitars are for the Groom, and the others are reflective of what the groomsman is into. They’re a little quirky, a little daggy, but fun. We like them.

etsy seller: southernliving26

etsy seller: dabbledesigns

etsy seller: blinkphoto

etsy seller: TheCufflinkMaker

etsy seller: TheCufflinkMaker

etsy seller: WoodenTreasures

*Regretsy is good for giggles!

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suit yourself.

The Groom has had a specific idea in his head about what suit he would like to wear. It had to be a particular shade of grey with pinstripes.

We went to our first formal wear store on Saturday. There was just 1 grey suit. He and his 2 brothers tried it on, and picked the vests & ties. 45 minutes later, he’d put a deposit on it.

Hang on!

Can it really be this easy?! “Don’t you want to go to several other stores and see different styles (and prices)?!” I said panicky.

Apparently it can be this easy for men. I think he might have a look at the factory outlet stores next weekend, but really, it’s done.

I wish I’d taken a photo.

They decided on the the groomsmen having the same vest colour as the suit, and The Groom with an ivory vest, with the same ivory ties for all. They had ties that matched the bridesmaid’s pale creamy pink dresses, but I just can’t put the guys in any kind of pink (disclaimer: this is just my opinion). I wonder if this is too plain. Should we jazz it up with funky ties? I’m not sure. Thoughts?


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