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fred + ginger.

The Groom and I had our first wedding dance lesson on Thursday night! I have grand visions of spins, lifts, dramatic footwork… I don’t think we’ll quite get there. But we’ll have fun trying.

It was so hard trying to choose a song. We don’t have “our song”. We wanted something not overly romantic or slow. I turned to Disney for some inspiration, and we liked A Whole New World from Aladdin, but luckily Wikipedia told me it had been done by Jordan & Peter Andre, AND Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey. Awful.

It became a decision between Feeling Good by Muse, and Edge of the World by Faith No More.

We chose Edge of the World, and decided to ignore part of the lyrics. The music itself is just too perfect. After all, the first dance song doesn’t need to be the ultimate expression of our relationship, right?? It’s just 4 minutes…

So over 4 or more lessons, we’re learning a choreographed, slow cha-cha-cha style dance to Faith No More. I love it.

Now to the hard part. When is the right time to dance the first dance? Do we wait until we’ve filled ourselves with food and wine? I’d rather dance it at the start of the reception, but the dance traditionally signals the start of the actual party, doesn’t it?


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