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wrapping it up.

This blog is coming to an end very soon, but I have just a bit more to share from our day… 

Warning: this post is extremely long. I asked myself is this too much information, is it even interesting? Then I remembered: it doesn’t matter – this blog is, for me, a memory of this time in our lives. So stuff it – it’s open journal time! 😉

We had our ‘one month anniversary’ last week (haha)! I can’t believe how fast it has gone. Married life is fantastic, and no, it doesn’t really feel different to before. Not different, just… really nice.

gratuitous image to break up the text... a helicopter interrupting our rehearsal - what an entrance that could have been!

When asked if everything went according to plan on the wedding day, my instant reaction is “yes!”, and it pretty much did. We didn’t have a professional videographer, but a couple of friends filmed the ceremony at least, so I’m looking forward to reliving it 😀

Some highlights for me were (apart from the obvious one of getting married):

  • Our first look
  • Spending the night before together, having breakfast together in the morning, and practicing our dance one last time in our hotel room before starting the day
  • My 5 amazing bridesmaids – I can’t even describe how good it felt having them with me all day; their support and friendship is so special
  • The men’s buttonholes
  • Doing my own makeup, as well as my 5 bridesmaids, and my friend doing our hair
  • Getting the coach to and from the venue, so spacious 😉
  • Walking down the aisle, seeing everyone there for us gave me a beautiful feeling, and I realised I had nothing to be nervous about
  • Our vows, and me not crying during them, I was just too happy (I think I did all my crying during the first look!)
  • Having our Mums sign as the marriage witnesses
  • The rain stayed away!
  • Seeing the reception venue set up exactly how I imagined
  • How all the details came together – the plants, potted herbs, bonfavs, thumbprint tree, framed family photos, ceremony blackboard, etc
  • The food – OMG the food. I enjoyed every course, I was not a bride who didn’t get to eat!
  • The cake of cheese – it was perfectly how we imagined
  • I had a basket in the girl’s bathroom full of essentials to use – e.g. hairspray, band-aids, deodorant, chewing gum, etc – a small thing, but some female guests told me it was appreciated
  • The 3 speeches before the entrees – a beautiful speech by my husband* (hehe) Paul, which had my Mum in tears, an impromptu speech by the Best Man which was touching and amusing, and a witty and heartfelt speech by my Super MOH Amanda
  • Our first dance… I was so nervous, but it was fun – Paul had his smooth moves down pat
  • Watching all of our guests having fun, and hearing how much they enjoyed everything
  • Our DJ (who also MC’ed) had the dance floor going crazy
  • The generosity and love from our family and friends – including everyone travelling to the Hunter Valley for the weekend
  • I could go on, and on…!

(*Last weekend we finally saw people the other didn’t know, so it was the first time we introduced each other as “this is my wife, Chanel” and “this is my husband, Paul”. We were giddy.)

So, pretty much the whole day was a highlight. I asked Paul what the highlights were for him, and he said “the whole day”, and added “I wish it didn’t go so fast”. Time flew after the reception started. I was exhausted by 11pm.

breaking up the text... beautiful Hunter vineyards!

These were some not-so-perfect moments, but they really didn’t matter in the end:

  • Our flowers were a pale green rather than the white I was expecting, a surprise at first, but I didn’t let it bother me, and apart from that, they were exactly what I asked for – they looked good in the photos anyway!
  • At the rehearsal on Friday night we realised one of Super MOH’s shoes was missing the feature rose cluster on the toe – so a wonderful friend drove to the town centre on Saturday morning and was back by 9am with replacement flowers (which were super-glued and sewn on)
  • I wish I could have spent more time with everyone at the reception, but that was impossible
  • My feet were on fire and I had forgotten to bring my thongs, so barefoot I stubbed my toe at the end of our exit tunnel and it bled (I hate blood, and I’m a massive wuss when it comes to painful things)
  • Seating 2 kn0wn-troublemakers together was not a great idea
  • This sounds silly, and it is, but my perfectly-imagined timing of the processional song didn’t work – I had been listening to the song for 10 months and planned to walk down the aisle at the climax of the music (seriously), but we couldn’t hear it from where we started, so being too fast, the climax happened as I got to the front 😉
  • I probably should have told the Best Man that my Mum was walking down the aisle with the wedding rings, and that she would give them to him at the front – the boys had a panic before we arrived when they realised none of them had or knew about the rings – oops
  • Another oops – since we had 3 long dining tables, and no bridal table, I forgot to tell the bridal party where they were all sitting before they were announced and walked in not knowing where to sit!
  • I should have practiced our first dance in my dress and shoes – every step I took my heel would get caught in the folds of fabric that was bustled inside the dress, so I danced pretty awfully, trying not to fall!
  • One last thing… I wish someone had told me to stop pushing my head back and chin down when I smiled the whole ceremony – my double chins, recorded forever! 😉

I think we were pretty lucky not having anything serious go ‘wrong’.

Our fantastic vendors played a large part in us having such a beautiful day, they all made it so easy. For us, we picked people we clicked with, where after we met them we both said “yep, they’re the one” straight away. If you know anyone planning a Hunter Valley wedding (or even a Sydney wedding, where our photographer Andrew Follan is based), I highly recommend all of them:

All images by Follan Photography

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we’re totally married.

Wow, what a day we had!

There is so much to say. But we’re going on our honeymoon tomorrow.

So for now, I’m just going to post a photo and say how amazing it all was, and how awesome it was sharing the day with our wonderful friends and family, and how much I loved everything!

Our Ceremony

Thank you everyone for reading, and for sharing the past few months with me!


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this is it.


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nerves? what nerves.

So I’m generally not nervous about The Big Day (doesn’t that sound ominous?). I think I’ve been quite cool, calm… and collected, you might say.

I was in bed last night reading a wedding scene in Twilight a particular series, because it gets me excited and imagining the day myself (yep – I’m serious). As I was reading my heart started thumping and the enormity of everything really hit me. After years of looking forward to marrying the Groom, and 16 months of planning, the day is almost here.

It feels amazing, exciting, unbelievable, and just alittlebit scary.

I feel like the last couple of months, and weeks especially, have just flown by. For the next week I’m going to make a conscious effort to be present in the moment. I want to take everything in. I want to remember this time.

I had to stop reading the wedding scene last night, I needed to calm my heart! Snuggling with the asleep Groom, and thinking about how awesome this time in our lives is, relaxed me.

Listening to our processional song also calms me – yet it makes me incredibly emotional at the same time…

How did you calm your nerves?


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Sometimes too much Style Me Pretty (hereafter referred to as ‘SMP’) is a bad thing.

The weddings featured on SMP are so achingly gorgeous. Their styling is perfect. Not a detail bypassed. They are DIY (and non-DIY) wonders. Vintage suitcases, weathered couches, photobooths, bunting, delicious dessert buffets…

I have been inspired by several things I’ve seen on SMP (and other inspiration blogs like Polka Dot Bride and Green Wedding Shoes). We’re having a thumbprint tree, a birdcage for cards, a chalkboard on an easel as a ceremony program, a cake of cheese, herb centrepieces, mini jams & mustard bonfavs wrapped in calico & twine, and so on…

I consider myself detail-oriented, but I’m nowhere near the level of detail that is put into the SMP weddings (Angie at one cat per person has a very sensible post on this topic).

I had a moment over the last week (FYI: 11 days to go!) where I thought “OMG what if all this DIY stuff we’re doing looks awful and random aargh!”. I realised quickly though, that it doesn’t matter. All those things we’re copying, we’re doing because we love them, not because it’s cool. We saw these ideas and said “YES!”. It’s not going to be styled and coordinated to the max, and that’s ok. In fact, that’s a good thing. Because we’re not uber-cool or original, we just like simple stuff like food and plants, and our wedding is going to reflect us – as random as some things may be.

i love our herbs - before & after potting


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my hen’s party.

Beautiful Sydney Harbour; Super MOH Amanda & I

It feels early posting this, since I’ve only just recovered from my hen’s party which was held on Saturday. You know that feeling where you’ve woken up really hungover and you cringe when you think of the photos taken? Luckily there were none too embarrassing, it was just a little out of control towards the end!

I had such a great day / night / morning! We spent the afternoon at Luna Park – hot dogs and rides did not turn messy thankfully! I love rides, especially ones that go upside down, sideways, super fast etc (but I’m scared of giant slides and dodgem cars!).

dressed in a tutu & peacock feather mini top hat (excuse the poor lighting, bathroom surfaces aren't the best for flash!)

After the rides we had canapés and many, many drinks at The Deck, their harbourside bar. It was exactly what I wanted: relaxed drinks with a close group of friends. The relaxed vibe soon turned raucous though, and we finished the night dancing in a questionable CBD pub 😀

I had an awesome day, with not a penis or condom in sight, full of my favourite things: the view of Sydney Harbour (‘look! it’s the bridge’ I exclaimed), silly fun on rides, a tutu and peacock feathers, yummy drinks, and, of course, my awesome friends.

Thanks Amanda! 😀

luna park - blurry towards the end!


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details vs the big picture.

I’m very much a detail-oriented person. This is a good thing, in my opinion, but it can also cause me to stress over small details and decisions that really don’t matter when you look at the big picture (‘speckled paper or plain paper?!’). The Groom is a big-picture person. I think it’s a very good thing that we’re complementary opposites (or Yin/Yang you might say).

The Groom’s ring arrived from Etsy during the week. My first thoughts were “oh no, it doesn’t look like the picture, it’s kind of… shimmery!”. After drilling him several times (“are you sure you like it? what do you like about it? is there anything you don’t like? what about the inlay?”) I was finally given an answer longer than one word.

“YES! I like it! It’s not just about the ring anyway. It’s the commitment that goes with it!” he said.

Well then! Truer words could not have been spoken 😉


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those everyday moments.

“Let’s go to bed early!” said the Groom after dinner last night.

“It’s only 7.30pm, but you know what… that sounds awesome” I thought to myself.

So there we were. In bed by 8pm. I had my teeth whitening mouth trays in (which give me a lisp when I talk), we went through various sections of the ceremony, and that was that! What a perfect evening.

I think we’re going to do well in this growing-old-together thing 😀


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not long to go now.

I wonder how many times that has been said to me in the past couple of weeks (well, months, really) – I’ve lost count!

I’m generally not nervous about the wedding, but whenever someone says “not long to go now!” I feel a flutter in my stomach, my eyes widen a little, and a nervous smile appears, along with a lame response of “mmm yes!”.

I’m not nervous about the getting married part. I am SO sure about marrying the Groom and spending my life with him.

Things that make me feel a little bit nervous are…

Being the centre of attention, especially reading our vows aloud. I hate speaking in front of a group, my voice quavers, and 101 is a huge group, even if they are our family and friends. I also find it a bit stressful being the host and ‘guest of honour’ (from past party experiences); it’s hard trying to spend enough time with each of your guests.

I want everyone to have an awesome time. I care what people think. I wish I didn’t so much though. I wonder if there will be negative thoughts, like ‘wow, her arms look big, check out those guns’, ‘I’m bored’, or ‘lentils?!’. I know these are silly things to think, I need to stop!

For the few nervous thoughts though, there are so many things I am looking forward to… I can’t wait to be married to the Groom, to be husband and wife. It still blows my mind when I think about it. I can’t wait to share the day with our family and friends, to celebrate love, and all that nice stuff. And I can’t wait for our honeymoon, to relax and enjoy ourselves, to bask in our newlywed-ness (“Just Married” bikini and towel, anyone? Haha 😉 )!

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return – Eden Ahbez, Nature Boy


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the world of paper.


I fear I have been missing out! 

I took a trip to Eckersley’s Art & Craft today to buy paper for the guest name / thank you tags for our bonfavs. Wow! I was completely unaware of how much awesome paper is available, and how beautiful it is – so many designs, textures, thicknesses… I now see the appeal of DIY-ing gorgeous wedding invitations; and not just the invitations, but a complete stationary set. Since we were going for simple, plain invitations, it didn’t even occur to me to enter the world of beautiful papers or the endless options available! This stuff got me super excited! 😀 

Ah well. It’s too late for any wistful thinking! 

I got some nice, but plain, ‘bier paper” (love the name) for the bonfav notes (Eckersley’s has 20% off loose paper sheets at the moment – get in there!)… 


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