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our day, in pictures.

All images by Follan Photography


The End.


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our first look.

Our first look was my favourite moment of our wedding day (well, after the actual ceremony that is!).

I wasn’t feeling too nervous on the day. This was due to the fact that I did all the makeup so I didn’t have a chance to stop and think about what was happening until it was time to get my hair done. Then the nerves kicked in. The day had begun with us having a leisurely breakfast (we did spend the Friday night together), I started my bridesmaids’ makeup around 9.30am, but then suddenly, or so it felt, it was 3pm and I was hurrying to finish my own makeup and get dressed! Once I was completely done, I felt so much nervous anticipation – it’s really an incredible feeling. There are photos of me looking stunned at those last moments.

Eventually I was kicked out of the room and I was on my way to the first look with our photographer, Andrew. Paul (the Groom) was waiting at the spot with the second photographer, Andrew’s wife Sarah. Andrew had to remind me to take deep breaths. I felt like I was freaking out inside (“OMGGGG”)! Once we arrived though, and when I saw Paul standing at the end of the vine row, my nerves melted away. I just wanted to run to the end!

So here are our photos. I cried a lot.


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We decided many months ago that we would do a “first look” on our wedding day. A first look is when the bride and groom do the non-traditional thing of seeing each other before the ceremony – a private and intimate moment, captured by the photographer.

There are many benefits of having a first look: it can calm any nerves, you have more time between the ceremony and reception (less photos, more mingling), and most importantly, you have a beautifully intimate moment to get emotional and connect before the ceremony.

Some people really want that first moment of seeing each other when the bride walks down the aisle, so the first look wouldn’t work for them. But I don’t feel that need at all. We’ll probably be spending the night before together anyway, but that’s still under discussion (I’m all for it, the Groom is resisting)!


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show and tell.


We’ve seen our engagement/pre wedding shoot photos and there is a happy lack of cheese!

The shoot was so much fun, but I was so nervous at the start. I was nervous about smiling nicely, looking chubby, having bad photos forever, blah blah etc. Silly fears! Andrew was great of course.

It’s an odd feeling at first, being affectionately intimate in front of a camera. I hope when we see the rest of the photos there aren’t too many stiff embraces! We should be well practised after 7 years…

These 2 are my favourites:


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engagement shoot.

We found our photographer, Andrew Follan, online, and loved his work & blog so much that when we were choosing our venue we called him (before we’d met) while we were there to ensure we picked a date both he & the venue were available – he was the only photographer we met with. Easy decision!

Part of the package is an engagement photo shoot. This is happening today. I can be a massive photo poser in other situations (e.g. when consuming alcohol with friends), but the thought of being the centre of attention with everyone taking photos on the wedding day is quite daunting!

The engagement shoot will be a chance for us to relax in front of the camera, get used to the photographer’s style (, practice my easy-smile (no stunned mullet shots please!) and just have fun.

I love all the photo shoots which are beautifully styled with props like balloons, cupcakes, picnic sets etc – but I think we’ll just do natural. The Centennial Park location will be beautiful enough.

The rain has held off and the sun is out, so here’s to non-cheesy engagement photos!


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