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details vs the big picture.

I’m very much a detail-oriented person. This is a good thing, in my opinion, but it can also cause me to stress over small details and decisions that really don’t matter when you look at the big picture (‘speckled paper or plain paper?!’). The Groom is a big-picture person. I think it’s a very good thing that we’re complementary opposites (or Yin/Yang you might say).

The Groom’s ring arrived from Etsy during the week. My first thoughts were “oh no, it doesn’t look like the picture, it’s kind of… shimmery!”. After drilling him several times (“are you sure you like it? what do you like about it? is there anything you don’t like? what about the inlay?”) I was finally given an answer longer than one word.

“YES! I like it! It’s not just about the ring anyway. It’s the commitment that goes with it!” he said.

Well then! Truer words could not have been spoken 😉


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my preciousss.

I’ve found it! The one ring!

I have just ordered my wedding ring from a small jeweller near my office – 2mm 18 carat yellow gold, and for $500 less than the Tiffany band. Woohoo! Budget win. It will be mine in 2 weeks.

The Groom has also decided on his ring!

Etsy: MinterandRichterDes

It is a ‘black and white striated resin inlay and titanium’ band from Etsy seller MinterandRichterDes. It’s quite different, but he assures me he’ll be happy to wear it until he’s old 😉

Have you, or will you, engrave your wedding band?


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that little blue box.

I knew I shouldn’t have touched it. I’m not the kind of girl who normally has any interest in Tiffany’s. Anything in that store is definitely not in my sensible price range. 

I just went to Tiffany & Co to buy a farewell present for a colleague, and I thought I’d see if any of their wedding bands sat nicely against my engagement ring. For fun, right? 

As luck would have it, there was one that was pretty much perfect. It is the best fit of all the many, many rings I’ve tried at other stores. It’s not overly expensive, but it’s just a plain gold band. I don’t know if it’s worth it. I could get one similar for less. It felt so dainty though. I felt sucked in to the blue. 


I need some frivolity now… 

I want loads of bubbles after the ceremony – I want to walk through a wall of bubbles! 😉 

 And after the reception, I want loads of sparklers (even though I’m a little scared to hold them myself)! 


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the ring.

I love my ring. It’s yellow gold with a blue sapphire and halo of diamonds. It’s also a (smaller) copy of Princess Diana’s ring. I was on holiday with a  friend in Jaipur, India in November 2008 when I saw this ring in a shop – I emailed a picture of it to The Groom and he said ‘get it!’. I, of course, obliged, and spent the next couple of weeks guarding it while travelling around India.

But I’m having issues trying to find a wedding band that fits it.

The problem is there is no space underneath the crown-thing (sorry, I don’t know any technical terms when it comes to rings!) for a wedding ring to sit flush against the e-ring.

I’ve been to several jewellers, chain stores and boutique. One has suggested a plain gold band made very thinly on the top so it can sit under, but that might wear it away over time. Another has suggested a curved band to sit around it, but I feel that looks bulky.


With 3 months to go I need to decide ASAP! Any suggestions? I was originally thinking, ‘maybe I don’t need a wedding band!‘, but my MOH pointed out ‘the wedding band shows you’re married, you’ll look forever engaged otherwise’. The Groom said ‘but you’ve already got a ring! Why do you need another?’. Unbelievable 😉

The wedding ring is a tradition I want to keep, I just need to find one!


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